What We Do

Community Based Program Development

  •  By invitation, we work in partnership with First Nations and relevant community groups to help develop meaningful programs in response to the communities self identified needs
  • Currently we are helping to facilitate youth programs, addiction prevention programs and restorative justice programs in collaboration with our community partners

Individual and Family Support Program

  • We are committed to journeying long term with individuals and families as they engage in the healing process.
  • In collaboration with each participant, we work to develop a customized support plan that they are comfortable with and that involves the necessary specialized services beyond what Rugged Tree can offer. These plans are holistic in nature and address areas as diverse as life skill development, relationship counselling, parenting, anger management, employment, physical health, addictions, grief and spiritual growth.
  • For those involved with the court system or child and family services we also provide advocacy and if requested will accompany people to court, appointments, etc.

Community Pastor Program

  • By request, we provide spiritual support based on the Christian tradition
  • We are open to meeting in people’s homes, in hospitals, in jails or wherever people are at and are most comfortable

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