Disciple Making Movement Training

A Disciple Making Movement is when God uses ordinary people to start a Kingdom movement among a people/city/region. Forgetting tradition, people use simple Biblical strategies so that every disciple is making disciples, groups of disciples (churches) birth new groups of disciples, and leaders reproduce leaders.

Only God can start a movement. In Disciple Making Movements trainings we learn biblical principals and simple tools that help us be more ready for Him to move by putting aside our preconceptions and our culture and returning to how they did it in the Bible. This is not a “silver-bullet” method, but a way to “get our sails up” so when God moves, we can catch the wind of the Holy Spirit.

At Rugged Tree, we have been using this approach and have found it to be incredibly impactful both in our own lives and in the First Nations communities we serve. We are excited to be able to offer this training, which is yielding fruit globally, to churches or groups here in Ontario.

Please contact us about arranging a training if you are interested in:

- Sharing the gospel cross culturally in your own region

- Learning effective principals and tools for evangelism and discipleship outside of the church walls

- Starting house churches that will reproduce and thrive in difficult settings


Please contact us to receive DMM trainings fit for your context!